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Painless Delivery  

The major wish of woman after marriage is to become a mother, but also she afraid of labour pains. Most of the women feel depressed and tensed all through the nine months of pregnancy. Some got high blood pressure because of this fear. Mental state of mother during pregnancy affects the mind and psychology of the baby. About 50% women got nausea in early days of pregnancy. Acidity and constipation, insomnia, fatigue, tension are also common in pregnancy. There are many drugs are in use nowadays for labor pain, most of them have many side effects.

Painless Delivery

Painless Delivery:

The greatest wish after marriage of a woman is to become mother. At one side she does have excessive desire for a baby and on other sides fear of delivery. Although labor pains are not so much painful, however; the fear of pain is being inherited subconsciously from one to the next generation. Some of the women don't become pregnant due to this fear of pain and many of the pregnant women remain in the fear through out 9 months. This would give them depression and anxiety. Majority of women get high blood pressure and hence develops different complication in pregnancy and post partum. During pregnancy, the mental and psychological condition of mother directly impact on the psychology of baby. Therefore; it is advised that during pregnancy, the mother should be free from any tension and would spend the time happily. However; the mental status of those women who keep themselves in fear would make hurdle in the nourishment for the normal personality of children and hence these children would get different psychological problems in their adult hood.

Almost 50% of all women feel nauseated just after pregnancy. Some of them get vomiting as well. As a result they have to get hospital admission. Out of 2/3rd of women got heart burning. Some develops constipation. The problem of sleeplessness also develops and some of them feel tiredness and tension. In order to resolve this problem, anxiolytics medications are used and their adverse effects reach to the baby.

Labor pain is felt by almost every woman. Some feel more some feel less. Every woman has to bear this pain. Usually medications are avoided in order to control that pain. Since it would be harmful. Similarly during the last stage of delivery, mother gets much pain. In order to control the pain during last moments, anesthetic medications are used that make the sensations numb. Although these medications could be harmful at some occasions. Now-a-days back bone injections or spinal anesthetic is given in order to control that pain. The spinal injection in turn creates pain and it lasts till many days.


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