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Physical Examination Of Wife  

There are a lot of differences in male and female genitals. All of the external female genitals called Vulva. The Labia are the visible parts of the female genitals, commonly called lips. They are outer lips (Labia Majora) and inner lips (Labia Minora). Labia Minora are very sensitive sexually. Clitoris is the most sensitive part of woman sexually. Clitoris is at where the labia minora meet. There is no other function of clitoris rather than sexual pleasure. G spot is the sexually most sensitive part of females after clitoris. Woman got great orgasm by stimulation of G spot. Inside labia majora there is vagina in lower part. The vagina is the female internal sex organ. Its total length is about 4 to 4.5 inches. It is for intercourse, dicharge of menses and child birth.

Physical Examination Of Wife

Physical Examination Of Wife

For inspection, wife should sit on the floor.  She should not sit on the bed since it is soft and vagina would go inside it and then she can't able to inspect properly. Then she spreads her legs forward by making the knees bend and keeping away both legs from each other. Her husband then by the help of torch inspects her vagina. In collection, the special organs are called as vulva. It is situated in between two legs below the navel. It has two lips and hairs on top. There are two pairs of lips. The lips situated out side are knows as outer lips. Now the wife open up or separates her outer lips a part by her hands. In this manner, pinkish colored inner lips will be visualized. On upper side, at the junction of inner lips, one can find a tiny nodule, this is basically clitoris. Clitoris has cap on its top called as Hood. Some part of clitoris is situated in side while some part out side the body. Just 1 inch below the clitoris, there is the opening of urine tube or urethra. Below to that vagina is situated. Further below and out side the outer lips, anus is situated. Husband should perform full inspection in detail with the help of wife. So that there would be no chance of mistake during penetration and intercourse. Previously a young man came to me when I was in Europe. He did not know completely about special organs of woman. Therefore, by mistake he had been doing intercourse in Anus.


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