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Fat Penis | Thickness Of Penis  

Fat penis is not necessary. Most of the boys have misconceptions about thickness of penis. It is thought that fat penis is essential for sexual satisfaction of any woman. For a successful intercourse, thickness of penis is not a necessity. The normal thickness of penis is about  4 to 4.5 inches.

Fat Penis | Thickness Of Penis

Thickness of penis doesn't have any importance:

Along with the length of penis, many individuals have mis-apprehensiveness regarding its thickness and they remain worried in this regard. According to them thick penis is mandatory for giving immense pleasure to the woman. There is no reality in it as like the length of the penis, its thickness also varies from person to person. Vagina is not like a hollow tube or syringe an open way, however; it is closed passage whose walls are collapsed with each other. During sexual stimulation, the outer 2/3rd of the vagina swollen up and further shrinks the entrance of vagina. In that instance if a needle is inserted in side the vagina then it would give the full sense to her. Therefore; for successful and pleasant intercourse the thickness of penis doesn't have any importance. Although some women like thick penis but even a very thin penis is also capable to provide them immense sexual pleasure. In common with the usual width or diameter of the penis is approximately 4-4.5inches.

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