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Sex Education In Islam  

Sex is the most important part of human life. Islam provides knowledge about marriage, intercourse, menses, pregnancy etc. in Quran. Quran is the best source of knowledge for its followers.

Sex Education In Islam

Islam is a complete code of life that has provided full guidance to its believers in all fields of life. “Sexual life” is the most important aspect of human life. Therefore; Allah has also created mother eve along with the creation of Hazrat Adam. It is said in Quran, “And of His Signs is that He created for you mates, out of yourselves, that you might repose in them, and He put love and mercy between you; in that are surely Signs for a people who ponder.(Al-Rome 21). Therefore; Allah’s Apostle has said, “Nikkah is my tradition, one who doesn’t follow, will not belong to us”. At another place, Allah’s Apostle told that, “Allah doesn’t feel shame to say right thing”. Therefore; in Quran, the main principles of sexual life like marriage, intercourse, methods of intercourse, semen uterus of mother, pregnancy, different stages of pregnancy, labor and delivery, adultery, homosexuality etc have been discussed thoroughly.

On the other hand, Allah’s Apostle Muhammad PBUH has discussed in detail the different aspects of sexual life. Unfortunately majority of us doesn’t know about that.

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