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Nocturnal Ejaculation | Night Fall  

The other good way of discharge of semen is Nocturnal Ejaculation. One who doesnot do intercourse or masturbation, he got nocturnal ejaculation. It means  discharge of semen during sleep. Taking bath is must after ejaculation. Nocturnal ejaculation could be start from the age of 8 to 10 years. It is good to tell the child about it either he can take it as any dangerous disease.

Nocturnal Ejaculation | Night Fall

Nocturnal Ejaculation:

A thin and lean young man came to my clinic. He was so much worried since he has been getting more and more thinner day by day. He has been losing his sexual power as well. When I enquired the reason, he let me know that he gets nocturnal ejaculation once in a week. I have further asked about his health status in childhood, he told me that he had been thin and lean since then. When I have asked whether he had been getting night fall in his childhood, he nodded his head in the reply of 'No'. It means the reason for his weak health was not in actual Night Fall, however; he had been worried after considering it the main culprit and illness.

The second better way of semen ejaculation is Night Fall. When young people don't find the occasions of intercourse and masturbation, more often, they develop Night Fall. It means that while sleeping, during dreaming or without dreaming, emission of semen from urine tube or Urethra happens. After seminal emission, balneation becomes due but it doesn't break the fast. Hazrat Abu Saeed R.A. narrated that three things can't break the fast.

1. Pachna
2. Vomiting
3. Night Fall

This process could be started since the age of 8-10 years. It is better to inform the child about that in prior otherwise he could consider it sexual disease. Then after taken over by Medicaster, waste his health and money. Night Fall is absolutely normal and healthy organic phenomenon and for that it is not necessary to be worried. However; if it would start in the age of 6-7 years then consult a good Urologist.

Those who get Night Fall are lucky since they escape from masturbation and adultery due to the emission of semen. It could happen on daily basis and even could happen 2-3 times in a day. According to famous U.S research, Dr Kinsey's survey; Night Fall could also happen even 12 times in a week. It not only happens in young age but also could happen at the extreme age like 70 years when a man doesn't find occasion for intercourse. It remains normal even though happens so many times. Since semen's ejaculation is a normal phenomenon and it doesn't produce bad impacts over human health, almost all doctors, researchers, psychologists and well literate herb-doctors are fully aware that Night fall is not harmful. Therefore; it could be said with claim that Night Fall doesn't produce any harm.

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